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Lee Valley

Alex Rubin came up with the idea first - a trip to Lee Valley just to get assessed for the Olympic course - and booked himself onto a course, and then pursuaded some others of us that it was a good idea. I wasn't convinced, a whole day just to get someone to tell you that you are competent to paddle down a man-made course, even if it is the Olympic slalom course.

Daniel on the conveyor

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Mawddach, Christmas 2010

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It started on a cold Tuesday morning in between Christmas and New Year. It hadn’t rained for ages, and it had been freezing for several weeks. Finally there was signs that there was going to be a thaw, so Andy Brookes and I headed off into Wales to meet Pete Burke, Kev Griffiths and some other reprobates. The plan was to meet by the side of Public Toilet Falls on the Mawddach, with a view to run the river. As normal I headed off in the general direction relying on my innate sense of direction to get us there. Unfortunately it can’t have been working that day, as I took a right instead of a left and headed off towards Birmingham. Which was quite a coincidence, as it happened.

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