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Courses in 2017

The club is running a number of training courses for the benefit of members who wish to improve their skills. Read on for more details.

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2017 Club AGM and Social

The MCC Committee invites you to join us on Friday, 13th January, 2017 at 8pm for the club's AGM. The AGM will be held at the usual venue: Marple Cricket & Squash Club, Bowden Lane, Marple, SK6 6ND.


  • 2016 Achievements and Officer Reports.
  • Club Awards.
  • Club Officer and Committee Elections:
    • Chairman.
    • Secretary.
  • 2016 Slide Show.
  • Unwanted Christmas Presents Raffle (donations welcome).

There will also be a free cold buffet and a bar (not-free).

Updates to Club Policies

The committee has just approved some updates to club policies that affect members of the club. Most of these changes are tweaks to the code of conduct, child protection policy and equity/equality policies to bring them into line with British Canoeing recommendations.

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Work Day - 14th May

Calling all club members and volunteers! The first work day of 2016 will be on the 14th May starting from about 9am.

Some of the things that need doing:

  • Path repairs and clearing.
  • Collecting and chopping wood for the stove.
  • Putting up more training gates and lines to put them on.
  • General tidying of the clubhouse and site.

Any help is appreciated even if it is only for an hour or is just running errands.

If you are coming let us know on Facebook or the club forum.

Membership Update

There has been some confusion about what is happening about membership renewals with some members not receiving renewal reminders and others not hearing back after sending their renewals in. I thought that it was about time that club members get an official update on what is happening.

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