Canoe Slalom at Manchester Canoe Club

Manchester Canoe Club claims to be the oldest slalom club in Britain. One of our founder members, Maurice Rothwell, helped set up and organise the first slalom race at Trevor Rocks on the Dee at Llangollen.

As the sport grew, Manchester provided some of the best paddlers in the country, and we have produced many national and world champions over the years.

These days we are fortunate to have our own site with access to a good stretch of the river Goyt, on which we have permanent gates for training. Also we have floodlights to allow training in the winter evenings. We have a small gym which includes an Olympic lifting bar and stand, an aluminium training bar with training weights, a pull up bar and a full set of dumbbells from 2Kg to 40Kg.

We have open training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, though the Tuesday session is restricted during the summer as the river has to be shared with the general recreational paddlers. We also run coached sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Friday afternoons, though numbers are restricted to maintain the quality of the sessions. Slalom boats are available for hire during these sessions, at the same rates that apply to the plastic boats.

We also have a junior slalom club, called the Marlins, more details of the Marlins programme can be found on this page.

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